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Standex Meder Distributors - Standex-Meder Electronics is a manufacturer and a global leader in designing, development and manufacturing sensors and magnetic components. Being authorised distributor Unified is a premium supplier of magnetic reed switches, reed relays, and reed sensors ? fluid level, proximity, motion, water flow, HVAC condensate and hydraulic pressure differential. Unified is also a supplier for unique conductive, capacitive, and inductive technologies that can be used to develop custom sensors optimized for a customer's specific and unique application. Unified Electro-tech supplies an array of custom power magnetics ? 50/60 Hz power transformers, planar transformers, inductors and toroidal transformers, high-frequency bobbin wound transformers, inductors and chokes, air coil and antenna windings, and current sense / Rogowski transformers.

Products Range

Reed Relays
Reed Switches
Reed sensors
Planner Transformers


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