BOM Support

With more and more businesses opting for global procurement, the number of companies involved in the process of manufacturing has increased. In such circumstances, the need to maintain a proper list of materials and components used in the manufacturing procedure has become essential. It is also necessary to reduce the cost involved in the manufacturing process. Dragon Sourcing helps you in maintaining the correct records and also offers BOM cost reduction services.

We are an experienced company offering ultimate sourcing solutions to businesses procuring raw materials or finished goods from developing or developed economies. We implement our experience and knowledge into each and every aspect of sourcing. Our professionals offer high end BOM cost reduction services to our esteemed clients.

Our services help in offering significant savings to our clients allowing them to improve their overall sales as well as increase the profit margin.

Our professionals try their level best to cater to the needs of our large clientele offering the best of services at the most competitive rates. We are considered among the most trusted BOM cost reduction service providers. With deep knowledge and insight, we strive to offer true value for your money and ensure complete client loyalty.

Handling the Bill of Materials is one of the most critical aspects of product manufacturing. The BOM is the single largest cost element for any product. We help you to realize the factors responsible to reduce the cost factor in the BOM.

  • The latest technological evolution has resulted in minimizing the cost incurred during the procurement procedure, resulting in higher profit margin.
  • Time is of utmost value as far as BOM cost reduction is concerned. Products launched within the shortest time frame fail to materialize on the cost optimization part.
  • The LLC (Low Cost Country) sourcing part should be properly evaluated to ensure low cost in materials used.
  • Component suppliers may decrease costs, but may not have passed on the benefits
  • Lack of suitable purchasing trends arising due to acquisitions and mergers often hamper the cost reduction aspect.

Our BOM cost reduction services involves the utilization of a specific type of multi-stage process based on the flexibility level of each client. Our Sourcing Team offers in-depth analysis of the Bill of Material in order to figure out all the necessary cost reduction options available. Our services include:

  • Figuring out all the necessary alternatives available to facilitate reduced costing
  • Trying to generate savings from every purchase consolidation
  • Availing the benefits and applying the necessary features of LLC sourcing
  • Analysing the present purchase price and then comparing it with the abnormal procurement prices