Apem Distributors - Unified is the authorized distributor of Apem Inc. APEM has been setting the standard in the design and manufacturing of switch products. APEM supplies thousands of customers, including many fortune 500 OEMs, in a variety of industries. Some of the markets served by APEM products include medical, industrial, security, military, telecom, computer, transportation and consumer electronics.APEM offers a wide variety of switch styles including: toggle, pushbutton, rocker, slide, DIP, tact, key, pushwheel and snap-action switches. APEM also manufactures industrial controls and membrane switch products.

Products Range

Panel Mount Switches :
Pushbutton, Toggle, Rocker, Key lock,
Emergency Stop and Piezo Switches.
High Performance Tactile switches
Joysticks :
Handgrip & Finger Operated Custom
Solution & USB Desktop Joysticks
LED Indicators:
Panel Mount & NVG Compatible LED Indicators


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