Hirose Connectors - Among all Hirose Distributors and dealers, Unified Electro-Tech is a unique franchized distributor for Hirose products. Unified is a premium supplier for broad range of interconnect deviced including RF, coaxial, board to board, board to cable, circular, micro USB and FPC/FFC connectors. Hirose Electric supports advance technologies in the consumer electronics, medical, industrial and automotive markets. Global manufacturing sites provide the optimum in service. Hiroses products are known for their exceptional quality and reliability. At Unified we have experienced that our customers are very satisfied by Hirose performance connectors.

Products Range

Internal & External connectors
Fiber optic Connectors
Co-axial Connectors & High Frequency Devices
Automotive Connectors
Modular Connectors
Memory Card Connectors
Coax DIN &In-Line Connectors.


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