Cross Referencing

Selecting the right industry standard product for all your Electronic Components is as easy as contacting us - our cross-reference database contains hundreds of thousands of part number parameters. Even if you are fixed on a certain manufacturer, we can show you product alternatives according to function and cost as our database is extremely detailed with every function required being recorded for each manufactured part. We can help you identify a fit, form and function replacement or an equivalent alternative using a number of search criteria, and provide complete end to end solutions for sourcing and supplying the same to your doorstep. Cross referencing can, therefore, save you a large extent of costs, effort, and time as our database can easily source and find relevant options and alternatives, a service we pride ourselves in.

Cross referencing process

Our team of engineers and professionals follow the below steps to find effectively find and Cross Reference for your components requirements:

-         Search for your Part

-         Cross to other Manufacturers

-         Compare several options

-         Access parametric data

-         Export your selections

To learn more about our cross-referencing services, contact our Local Sales Engineer according to your location by first getting into contact with our offices. We can provide both complete BOM support as well as cross-referencing services to ensure you get the best worth for your money.