Application Design Assistance

With the current wave of global procurement, the market is being faced with a stark requirement for vendors that provide seamless end-to-end solutions, and this includes sourcing parts that aren’t easily or readily found. If you can't find the exact part you need, Unified can help you design and build a custom solution to meet your requirements. For each Product Category, there is a Team of Product Managers and Field Application engineers dedicated to helping our customers in every category, and this competent Team with support from our globally established, well-known Principles can assist you in supporting all your design requirements and help with the development of effective solutions. These services will allow you to continue your operations with efficiency and without interruption have specialized solutions to your production issues and allow us to handle on an end-to-end basis all your component needs.

How Unified helps you

For design assistance, please share the specifications you are looking for and provide as much information about your requirement as you can by mail to us, or through the quotes section with specifications in comments. One of our design engineers will review your specifications and email you a product recommendation based on the characteristics you've provided – we work fast, efficiently, and in a supportive manner, which is why Unified is one of the best options for services and complete support.